The Hunger Games Movie Review

So, I saw The Hunger Games today! It was really really really amazingly  awesome (I used three reallys just to show you how amazing it is). I still have to say that the book is better, but this is a really close second. All the emotions that were in the book were conveyed in the movie; the intensity of it was very well captured without it seeming Capitol-ized.
The movie was actually surprisingly true to the book, even though some of my favourite lines were taken out :( . But the characters were all really well cast (Jennifer Lawrence (aka Katniss) is perfect for her role especially), and the male leads (Peeta, Gale and yes, even Cato) were nice looking enough that all of the (other) girls were like:

…And, moving on. I really liked how the movie showed showed scenes from the Gamemaker’s lab, and district 11 in that one scene (which, by the way, was totally heartbreakingly touching and sad). The mutts, and the arena and almost everything was really well done. Especially Rue, who’s definitely one of my favourite characters in the books. I really really liked what they did with her character; I liked how they gave her time to shine and made her mischievous.
All in all, the movie is really really good, and definitely worth spending some money for a ticket on.
And now, movie commentary from me!

The fact that the “Well, don’t step on me, sweetheart,” line was taken out:

“I can still cook you, you know.”

“Well, win. And when you come home, she can’t refuse!”
“Thanks, but that’s not going to work in my case.”
“Why not?”
“Because she came here with me.”

“That’s mahogany!”

“I keep wishing I could think of a way to show them them they don’t own me. That I’m more then just a piece in their Games.”

“Katniss… sing to me.”

“You call that a kiss?”

“You know that day when you came to school in a red plaid dress, and your hair was in two braids instead of one? The music teacher asked who knew the valley song, and you… you put your hand up. *laughs* And everyday after that, I watched you walk home.”
I don’t own any of these pictures. Just saying.
That’s all for now! See you later!

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